Saturday, January 12, 2013

cyberpunk dual time watch cuff

ok, so here are a few images of my cheap MADE IN CHINA watch mod. Actually i just scotch taped them together for the test, but fucking good enough
Here is the original watch above. it has an expandable bracelet band that is made from links of plastic strung on elastic. is "ok," but pinches and pulls little arms hairs... and personally i think it looks crap.... but the face is pretty sweet! So, I had a thought that this would be really a bad ass watch if instead of having one good side and one lame side that it instead have TWO AWESOME SIDES!

so awesome won, and here is results.

I bough a couple from ebay and some other place that had another color and here it is! It is now a sleek-ass dual time piece. local on top, world (Tokyo if you are cool) on bottom.

still have to get solid my clasp and hinge... but i already have that designed and will post images as soon as the project is complete. In the meantime i am contacting china to find out about just having them made. will need to be a couple sizes... S/M/L... or something as this will have NO give.

lightsaber belt buckle

Here is an idea for a light saber belt buckle. use the above belt buckle...
with this belt (red for better)...
With a core of good 'ol fashion slap bracelet...

...and you got your self a semi-ridged  light-up light saber! YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!WAAAHHH WAHHH KKKISSHHHHH!

just an idea.